Making pictures is one of the earliest memories I recall. Even before learning the alphabet, I was drawing my surroundings. Over the years, there has never been a period where I haven't wanted to draw. If you could look at my life, if you had been at my side all this time, you would be convinced that I have never wanted to be, nor do I want to be, anything but a painter. I remember for example, as a student I would fill my books not with notes, but with sketches of my teachers and classmates. When I finished school and the working day was done, I would return home, my only desire to draw late into the night. Even though I am now a professional artist, I sometimes look back at those moments as the roots of my creativity. It all started as a statement of autonomy, a pure act that nothing outside myself influenced or affected it. But above else, I drew because I enjoyed doing so. Nothing compares in consistency and meaningfulness than making art. Even during those unavoidable times when we are challenged and our lives are affected by sudden change, loss, or pain, being an artist has given meaning to it all, transforming suffering into healing. The drawings and paintings you see on this website are like snapshots, with the lens pointing in life's direction with penetrating force. Every piece reflects a story that only life itself could tell. 

Awards & Grants

2017       Highly Commended De Laszlo Medal for Excellence to be awarded to                    an artist under 35 for the best work from life

2017       Member of the Royal Society of British Artists

2016       Columbia Threadneedle Prize & Visitors Choice Award

2015       Jameson Work Bursary

2011       The Marianne VonWerther Memorial Award/Rome Scholarship

2010       Scholarship from the Royal Society of British Artists

2009       The Jack Petchy Award for contribution of art to London Borough of                      Barnet



2012        London Atelier of Representational Art

2010        Byam Shaw school of Art