''Tim Knox, director of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, who was on this year’s selection panel, said the judges admired the “enticing documentary quality” of the painting. “This large and confident painting depicts real people with knotty hands and stubbly muzzles immersed in a timeless, archaic trade which hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. This very accomplished painting showcases grandeur, confidence, wit and gritty realism which truly impressed the judges.”

- The Guardian, 9th February 2016 https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/feb/02/umbrella-shop-oil-painting-wins-top-figurative-art-prize

''Well the exhibition by Lewis Hazelwood-Horner impressed me - and then some [...] It's one of the very best exhibitions I've ever seen in that gallery. It's well hung and 'hangs together' but it's the content which is amazing [...] They're also very striking paintings - Lewis has a keen eye for a good composition and clearly demonstrates a real love of his media and painting [...] In my opinion, any business activity which involves a craft or artisan process should seriously consider commissioning Lewis to undertake a residency. He is very clearly an artist who can bring their activity to life on the wall of their offices.''

- Making a Mark, 20th September 2016 https://makingamark.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/impressive-solo-exhibition-by-Lewis-Hazelwood-Horner.html?m=1

''Lewis Hazelwood-Horner, 23, lives in Enfield. His oil on canvas, Salt in Tea is inspired by a two year artist residency project at the bespoke umbrella and walking stick manufacturer James Smith & Sons, London. It shows craftsmen at work in their workshop and refers to when they jokingly put salt in each other's tea.''

- BBC News, 9th December 2016 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35054501


Awards & Grants

2017       Highly Commended De Laszlo Medal for Excellence to be awarded to                    an artist under 35 for the best work from life

2017       Member of the Royal Society of British Artists

2016       Columbia Threadneedle Prize & Visitors Choice Award

2015       Jameson Work Bursary

2011       The Marianne VonWerther Memorial Award/Rome Scholarship

2010       Scholarship from the Royal Society of British Artists

2009       The Jack Petchy Award for contribution of art to London Borough of                      Barnet


2012        London Atelier of Representational Art

2010        Byam Shaw school of Art